The City of Lancaster Advanced Wastewater Treatment Plant (AWWTP) is owned and operated by the City of Lancaster for the sole purpose of treating wastewater, which is a combination of residential, commercial, and industrial used water discharges.  The City’s AWWTP processes wastewater from the City of Lancaster and portions of Manheim Township, Lancaster Township, East and West Lampeter Townships, Strasburg Borough, Strasburg Township, Upper Leacock Township, West Earl Township, Manor Township, Pequea Township, and East Hempfield Township.

Upon collection and conveyance to the AWWTP, wastewater is physically treated through screening and primary clarification, in which inorganic and organic solids are removed.  Biological treatment of the wastewater follows primary clarification. The biological treatment of wastewater utilizing the OASES® activated sludge process (anaerobic/oxic with anoxic stage inserted between oxic stages) further removes organic material as well as the nutrients nitrogen and phosphorus. Final clarification then separates the mixture of wastewater and active biological solids. The majority of biological solids are reused to treat incoming wastewater, but a portion of these solids are removed from the treatment process by reducing the water content, lime stabilizing for pathogen/vector reduction and then hauling off-site for beneficial reuse. Chlorine and sodium bisulfite are used to disinfect and dechlorinate the wastewater respectively. The rated hydraulic capacity of the AWWTP is 32.08 million gallons per day (MGD).

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