Vision Zero

The City of Lancaster is joining cities across the world in the Vision Zero movement to eliminate traffic-related deaths and serious injuries. To achieve this ambitious goal in Lancaster by 2030, we are working with our community and partners to develop a Vision Zero Action Plan to make our streets safe for all people in Lancaster.


At the center of Vision Zero is the recognition that humans make mistakes and streets should be designed to minimize the impacts of those mistakes. This is a fundamental change from the traditional traffic safety approach.


Traffic deaths are INEVITABLE Traffic deaths are PREVENTABLE
PERFECT human behavior Integrate HUMAN FAILING into approach
INDIVIDUAL responsibility SYSTEMS approach
Saving lives is EXPENSIVE Saving lives is NOT EXPENSIVE


Achieving the goal of Vision Zero in Lancaster will require attention and resources. Vision Zero is based on data collection and crash analysis that will identify the causes of crashes in our community and work to prevent them. The Lancaster Vision Zero Action Plan will include a prioritized list of street improvement projects, education initiatives, city programs and proposed changes to policy.


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Vision Zero Action Plan

The Vision Zero Action Plan was adopted by City Council on November 24, 2020.  The Action Plan provides a summary of the goals of the plan, citywide crash data, the public input process and a set of comprehensive recommendations to move Lancaster towards its vision of zero fatalities and serious injuries on its streets by 2030.


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2021 Progress Report

In November 2020, the City of Lancaster adopted the Vision Zero Action Plan with the aim of eliminating all traffic deaths and serious injuries by 2030. Achieving such an ambitious goal in 10 years will require cooperation and collaboration between city departments, outside agencies and community members. The Department of Public Works has prepared a 2021 Progress Report that summarizes the measures that have been taken since the Vision Zero Action Plan was adopted, and outlines the agenda for further implementation.