Mandatory Recycling for all Non-Residential Establishments

Chapter 258-34 Mandatory Recycling

“All Persons within the Municipality (City of Lancaster) shall Source Separate Designated Recyclable Material generated by such Person or generated within a Residential Unit, Multifamily Unit or Non-Residential Unit occupied by such Person.”

Chapter 258-33 Definitions

A Multifamily Unit is defined as “A property with five (5) or more Residential Units, including without limitation, apartment complexes, condominium complexes, retirement homes and mobile home parks, excluding Farms.”

A Non-Residential Unit is defined as “All commercial, municipal, and institutional establishments, all Community Activities and all Farms, excluding Residential Units and Multifamily Units.”

Community Activities are defined as “Events that are sponsored by public or private agencies or individuals, including, but not limited to, fairs, bazaars, socials, picnics, and organized sporting events attended by 200 or more individuals per day.”

Designated Recyclable Materials mandated for source separation include “Single Stream, Yard Waste, Tires, and White Goods.”

Single Stream recyclables include the following materials:  Aluminum, Steel Cans, Clear and Colored Glass, Plastics, Newsprint, Magazines, Chipboard, Mixed Office Paper, and Corrugated Paper.”   After source separation, these materials may be collected either as a mixture of materials or separated by type depending on the arrangements for collection and marketing.

Municipality’s Policies and Procedures are defined as “The rules and regulations adopted and revised from time to time by the Municipality which govern and pertain to: a) the Municipality’s Recycling Program; and b) the on-site collection or storage of Regulated Municipal Waste within the Municipality.”

Collection Options for Non-Residential Establishments

Non-Residential Establishments have several options to collect and market Regulated Municipal Waste and/or Designated Recyclable Materials

A. Self-Haul – generators may transport waste and/or recyclables that are generated within a Non-Residential Establishment.

B. A Permitted Collector as defined in Approved Haulers (258-40) may collect and transport Regulated Municipal Waste and Designated Recyclable Materials.  The city maintains a list of approved Permitted Collectors.  Contact the Solid Waste and Recycling Program Hotline at (717) 291-4744.

C. Non-Residential Establishments that generate types and amounts of waste and recyclables like a household may request to receive collection services through the city Residential Contract Collection Program.  Contact the Solid Waste and Recycling Program Hotline at (717) 291-4744.

D. The city operates a Recycling Drop Off Center located at 850 New Holland Avenue which accepts various types of Source-Separated Recyclable Materials.  Information can be found at: (insert link to drop off brochure).

Recycling Technical Assistance Program

The city offers free technical assistance and guidance to Non-Residential Establishments and Multifamily Units to establish, evaluate, expand and manage a recycling program.  The city can provide on-site consultations and perform “Waste Audits” to assist with developing cost effective and sustainable programs.  This service aims to increase recycling and reduce waste.  Contact the Solid Waste and Recycling Program Hotline at (717) 291-4744.