The Bureau of Planning has overall responsibilities related to land development and subdivision plan review and approval, review of construction, renovation and demolition projects within historic districts, storm water management for new building and paving projects, floodplain management and long-range comprehensive planning and implementation.

Addendum to Residential Rental Agreement

Addendum that rental property owners are required to add to their leases.Appendix A to Ordinance Revised Sept 2015.pdf

Application for Rental Property Registration

Application for Rental Property Registration.pdf

Rental Housing FAQ

Frequently asked questions about the Rental Housing Ordinance. rental-housing-FAQ.pdf

Fees and Fines

The City of Lancasters Rental Property & Liscensing scedule of fees & fines. fees-and-fines.pdf

Administrative Ordinance

An outline of the Administrative Ordinance of the City of Lancaster. administrative-ordinance.pdf