Assistance is now available to reduce or eliminate lead hazards in housing for qualified applicants through the City of Lancaster’s Lead Hazard Control Program. Eligible applicants will receive financial assistance to reduce lead hazards found in the home through a Risk Assessment. Repairs may include replacement or repair of items such as doors, windows, and floors

The work to be performed is determined by the results of the Risk Assessment. Licensed and certified contractors will use interim controls and abatement methods when performing the work. The program does not make the property lead-free, instead the property will be considered lead-safe.

A lien will be placed on the property to ensure the property remains lead-safe, and will be removed after three (3) years.

The City now offers assistance for rental properties! See below for requirements.

Application for landlords (English)

Application for landlords (Spanish)

Application for homeowners (English)

Application for homeowners (Spanish)

Application for tenants (English)

Application for tenants (Spanish)

What are the requirements?

1. Owner must have property insurance.

2. Owner must be current on mortgage, taxes, and any financial obligations that is due to the City of Lancaster.

3. Landlords are required to contribute 10% of the project cost prior to the start of the remediation work and are responsible for relocating tenants during remediation.

4. Rental units must be made available and marketed to low income families and the owner must give priority to families with children under the age of six for at least five (5) years (after the remediation has been completed). Rent may not be higher than fair market rate.

5. If occupied, both the owner and tenant must complete an application and provide documentation to confirm eligibility.

6. At least 50% of the units assisted with program funds must be occupied by, or made available to families with incomes at or below 50% of the Area Median Income (AMI); with the remaining assisted units at or below 80% of the AMI for Lancaster County as published annually by HUD.
          – There must be a child under the age of six residing or visiting the property for at least six hours a week.
          – The unit must have been built prior to 1978.

Below is a list of properties identified by the City of Lancaster as “LeadSafe”. This means the property has received a full clearance of immediate lead hazards. Leadsafe should not be confused with lead-free as there may still be lead in the home that does not pose an immediate health risk to its occupants.


446 S Plum Street2/6/2016
743 St Joseph Street7/27/2016
642 N Pine Street8/29/2016
429 E Strawberry Street9/19/2016
35 Caroline Street9/29/2016
316 S Christian Street10/7/2016
229 N Water Street10/18/2016
718 S Lime Street11/16/2016
512 Poplar Street12/2/2016
314 S Christian Street12/13/2016
412 S Queen Street, Unit 212/22/2016
1242 Fremont Street2/3/2017
434 S Prince Street2/23/2017
622 S Lime Street3/2/2017
444 Hillside Avenue4/4/2017
653 Lake Street4/5/2017
412 S Queen Street, Apt 14/11/2017
516 N Queen Street, Apt 24/17/2017
666 Fremont Street4/18/2017
116 Church Street5/30/2017
839 Highland Avenue5/30/2017
408 W Orange Street5/31/2017
405 St Joseph Street6/12/2017
217 S Marshall Street7/17/2017
451 New Dorwart Street7/20/2017
311 S Marshall Street8/2/2017
754 Manor Street8/3/2017
620 Poplar Street8/4/2017
211 N Mulberry Street, Apt 18/17/2017
211 N Mulberry Street, Apt 28/17/2017
511 E Chestnut Street9/13/2017
345 W Grant Street9/13/2017
419 N Mary Street9/15/2017
247 Charles Road9/25/2017
538 E Orange Street9/28/2017
342 S Queen Street, Apt 210/4/2017
510 St Joseph Street10/10/2017
621 N Lime Street, Apt 310/13/2017
611 Poplar Street10/19/2017
627 Rockland Street10/27/2017
542 N Jefferson Street10/27/2017
450 Fremont Street10/27/2017
308 Pershing Street11/3/2017
44 E Orange Street11/15/2017
408 W Vine Street, Apt 211/22/2017
336 S Ann Street12/6/2017
328 W Grant Street12/6/2017
329 W King Street, Apt 11/3/2018
114 S Ann Street, Apt 11/4/2018
114 S Ann Street, Apt 21/4/2018
559 North Street1/4/2018
566 N Plum Street1/12/2018
837 Manor Street1/25/2018
709 N Plum Street1/26/2018
726 First Street, Apt 11/29/2018
726 First Street, Apt 31/29/2018
429 N Charlotte Street, Apt 21/30/2018
64 Locust Street2/6/2018
630 Poplar Street2/12/2018
410 S Prince Street2/16/2018
816 W Vine street3/1/2018
635 East End Avenue3/2/2018
323 Beaver Street, Apt 13/2/2018
323 Beaver Street, Apt 23/9/2018
552 Beaver Street3/13/2018
248 N Reservoir Street3/15/2018
408 W Vine Street, Apt 13/16/2018
41 Filbert Street3/16/2018
121 Red Maple Road3/16/2018
546 S Duke Street3/20/2018
516 W Vine Street4/10/2018
342 S Queen Street, Apt 14/10/2018
722 S Plum Street4/13/2018
429 N Charlotte Street, Apt 14/17/2018
546 W Orange Street5/18/2018
614 W Marion Street5/23/2018
527 High Street5/29/2018
549 Manor Street6/5/2018
520 Laurel Street6/19/2018
731 N Shippen Street7/30/2018
843 Highland Avenue8/2/2018
454 Fremont Street8/2/2018
534 High Street8/15/2018
612 N Franklin Street8/20/2018
650 Poplar Street9/11/2018
127 Old Dorwart Street9/25/2018
669 Hebrank Street10/1/2018
408 N Queen Street10/12/2018
619 N Pine Street10/24/2018
859 S Queen Street10/26/2018
105 Howard Avenue10/29/2018
221 Howard Avenue10/29/2018
411 1/2 Chester Street10/31/2018
625 N Pine Street12/7/2018
315 E Ross Street12/14/2018
614 N Pine Street12/21/2018
234 Ruby Street12/21/2018
520 Woodward Street12/21/2018
561 E Frederick Street1/23/2019
448 Atlantic Avenue2/22/2019
320 S Christian Street2/22/2019
322 S Christian Street2/22/2019
39 Green Street2/26/2019
928 Lititz Avenue3/1/2019
543 E Strawberry Street3/5/2019
301 S Franklin Street3/11/2019
534 Burrowes3/14/2019
546 Pershing Avenue3/14/2019
834 N Reservoir Street3/21/2019
317 E Clay Street6/4/2019
602 East End Avenue7/1/2019
470 Poplar Street, Apt 17/26/2019
230 W King Street7/31/2019
631 W Vine Street8/15/2019
765 High Street8/16/2019
827 N. Duke Street, Apt 28/22/2019
827 N. Duke Street, Apt 18/26/2019
16 Filbert Street8/26/2019
24 E Ross Street8/30/2019
456 S. Queen Street9/4/2019
1395 Union Steet11/4/2019
308 Beaver Street11/6/2019
817 Manor Street12/20/2019
776 Emerald Drive1/10/2020
512 Howard Avenue 1/21/2020
457 Fairview Avenue1/28/2020
238 S. Ann Street, Apt 12/5/2020
236 1/2 N. Mulberry Street, Apt 12/6/2020

If you would like a complete list of properties that have been certified in previous years as lead-safe; please contact the HNRU Department at (717) 291-4730.