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The mission of the Bureau of Water is to efficiently provide the highest quality products and services to our water customers through team effort while protecting public health and the environment. The Water Bureau staff of about 84 people keeps the City’s water system working 24 hours per day, seven days per week. The Bureau of Water continues to meet the ever-changing requirements established by current, proposed, and future governmental regulations and industry standards.


The Bureau of Water operates and maintains a water system that serves approximately 44,750 metered connections in the City of Lancaster and ten neighboring municipalities. The system includes over 800 miles of major pipeline, four booster pumping stations, six storage tanks, Oyster Point Reservoir and two filtration plants (one on the Susquehanna River and one on the Conestoga River). Water production averages approximately 21 million gallons per day, and all water meets or exceeds Federal and State standards. Approximately 33,000 water quality tests are performed annually to ensure water quality.


The Bureau also evaluates water capacity requests and reviews proposed water system extension plans for compliance with specifications and regulations. To assure field compliance, construction inspection services and proper documentation are provided. The coordination of field activities among the various water sub-bureaus is important as a matter of public health and safety. The Water Bureau also coordinates with the Fire Bureau concerning flow tests and fire suppression system installations.

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City of Lancaster
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(717) 291-4711

Who We Are
Who We Are