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The City of Lancaster operates an Advanced Secondary Wastewater Treatment Facility with a design flow capacity of 30 million gallons per day. (Current flow rates average 20 MGD.) The facility is authorized to discharge to the Conestoga River under Federal EPA Permit Requirements.


The City Wastewater Treatment Facility utilizes 48 employees to maintain the collection system, pumping stations and treatment facilities. The Bureau’s staff also manages the Federal Industrial Waste Discharge requirements and works closely with approximately 51 industrial customers to promote growth within the service area while maintaining discharge requirements in a fair and efficient manner.


The Bureau also provides contract services to the Suburban Lancaster Sewer Authority for maintenance of their collection system and pumping stations. Also, through Inter-municipal agreements, the facility provides treatment services for the Lancaster Area Sewer Authority, Manor Township, East Lampeter Township, Suburban Lancaster Sewer Authority, Lancaster Township, the Borough of Strasburg, and the Leola Sewer Authority.

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City of Lancaster
120 North Duke Street
P.O. Box 1599
Lancaster, PA 17608



(717) 291-4711


Who We Are
Who We Are
Robert Ludgate
Collections System Supervisor