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The Department of Community Planning & Economic Development is charged with implementing an economic development strategy that: promotes the establishment, stabilization, and expansion of small businesses and micro-enterprises in the City; increases access to capital and credit financing for development activities, job creation and retention efforts; promotes minority and women-owned business development and participation; expands employment opportunities for City residents; develops vacant and under-utilized residential, commercial, industrial and manufacturing sites
to attract new investment in the City; and assists developers through the City’s zoning, land development, subdivision, historical, construction and other City approval processes.


CPED works closely with the Lancaster City Alliance to implement the Building on Strength Economic Development Plan adopted in 2015 and with other organizations promoting the economic revitalization of the City, including SACA and SACA Development Company, the Lancaster Housing Opportunity Partnership, Lancaster Equity, ASSETS, the Community Action Partnership and the City’s neighborhood organizations, such as SoWe, SEES, South Ann Concerned Neighborhoods, Churchtowne, Lancaster Jewels and Northeast Neighbors United.


The Department Director provides management support for development of the City Revitalization and Improvement Zone, the City’s State Keystone Opportunity Zone, the federal Opportunity Zone Program, and Lancaster Redevelopment Area Plan. The Department also staffs the City Revitalization and Improvement Zone Authority, the Redevelopment Authority of the City of Lancaster and the Lancaster Industrial Development Authority. The Director serves on the Board of the Downtown Investment District Authority and the Lancaster City Alliance.


The Department’s neighborhood revitalization strategy focuses on enhancing the quality of life in our neighborhoods with: improved City parks and recreational facilities and community facilities serving neighborhoods; pro-active property code enforcement to confront nuisance crimes and other neighborhood disruptions; maintenance of the city’s housing stock and to ensure the availability of housing opportunities for all income levels; restoration and preservation of properties including those with historic or architectural significance; housing rehabilitation and maintenance, and promotion of home ownership; and addressing lead hazards in residential properties and home-based day care centers.


The Department staffs the Lancaster Property Reinvestment Board, the Redevelopment Authority of the City of Lancaster’s Vacant and Blighted Property Disposition Program and the newly established Land Bank Authority. Through the auspices of the first two Boards, the City is able to acquire, rehabilitate, and resell properties that have been condemned for more than sixty days and blighted residential properties that have been vacant for more than three months. The Land Bank Authority is another tool that enables the City to acquire properties at Tax Claim and Judicial Sales for future redevelopment, as well as make strategic acquisitions to further economic development goals of the City.


CPED includes the Housing and Economic Development Division, the Community Development Division, the Bureau of Code Compliance and Inspections, the Bureau of Planning and the Lancaster Office of Promotions.



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Upcoming Events

Industrial Development Authority Meeting
4:00 PM to 5:00 PM
Commission Room, City Hall Annex (Marion Street Entrance)
The Lancaster Industrial Development Authority was established in 1971 to act as a liaison for securing tax free loans for industrial and commercial development in Lancaster County.
Planning Commission Meeting
6:00 pm to 7:00 pm
Commission Room, City Hall Annex (Marion Street Entrance)
Board of Housing Appeals & Revisions Meeting
4:00 pm to 5:00 pm
Commission Room, City Hall Annex (Marion Street Entrance)
The Board of Housing Appeals provides interpretation of the Housing Code and may grant variances and time extensions related to the Code. It also hears appeals regarding: Business Licensing Ordinance, Lancaster Property Reinvestment Board decisions and Rental Housing Code disruptive conduct reports.
September Music Friday
5:00 pm to 9:00 pm
Various Locations
Performances abound throughout the city as shops & restaurants host musicians and extend their hours!
CRIZ Authority Meeting
4:00 PM to 5:00 PM
Commission Room, City Hall Annex (Marion Street Entrance)
The Lancaster CRIZ Authority is a municipal authority appointed and created by the City of Lancaster to oversee the implementation of the Lancaster City Revitalization and Improvement Zone (CRIZ) Program. The CRIZ Program can provide financial assistance to development projects that occur within the 130 CRIZ District from eligible state and local tax revenues generated by…
Lead Paint Info Session for Landlords & Property Managers
10:00 am
Council Chambers, City Hall Annex (Marion Street entrance)
Landlord & property manager meeting on the dangers our community face from the toxic hazards and how we can help.
Who We Are
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Who We Are
Susannah Bartlett
Community Development Administrator
Wyatt Behringer
Marketing & Communications Manager
Michael Bireley
Housing Inspector
Karen Bousquet
Deputy Director
Joseph Bresch
Commercial Building Inspector
Robert Cruz
Housing Inspector
Delgado Eric
Housing Inspector
Kayla Forgrave
Special Events Manager
Kevin Kauffman
Lead Inspector
Randy King
Housing Inspector
John Lefever
Interim Bureau Chief, Building Codes
Larry Mansfield
Building Code Inspector
Terri Michael
Building/Plumbing/Zoning Clerk
Darren Parmer
Housing Rehabilitation & Lead-Paint Specialist
Tom Paul
Building Code Inspector
Wilfredo Perez
Housing Inspector
Elyse Poy
Housing Revitlization A
Lauren Roth
Housing Billing Clerk
Edwin Santiago
Housing Inspector
Suzanne Stallings
Historic Preservation Specialist
Marisol Torres
Housing and Economic Development Administrator
Butch Vega
Housing Inspector
Kim Wissler
Senior Health Officer
Patricia Wright-Sherman
Administrative Assistant
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