What We Do

The Planning Commission reviews and makes final decisions on subdivision and land development plans. The Commission also acts in an advisory capacity to the Mayor and City Council on matters related to comprehensive planning, zoning, official map amendments, and amendments to land development regulations.


The deadlines for subdivision and/or land development plan applications or other items requiring prior Lancaster County Planning Commission (LCPC) review and comment are determined by the LCPC deadlines. The Pennsylvania Municipalities Planning Code requires a 30-day county planning commission review period prior to consideration of a subdivision and/or land development plan by the municipal planning commission. Deadlines for other City Planning Commission agenda items not requiring prior LCPC review, e.g., sketch plan review or waivers of plan submission requirements, are determined after consultation with the Bureau of Planning (717-291-4755) but are normally not less than 9 days (Monday of the preceding week ) prior to the City Planning Commission meeting.



Commission Membership

All nine members of the Planning Commission must be full-time residents of Lancaster City and serve four-year terms. Six of the members represent the six City Planning Regions, and three of the members may live anywhere in the City (i.e., at-large). The City may appoint up to three additional alternative at-large members.


If you are interested in serving on the Planning Commission, then please read this summary of responsibilities and contact the Chief Planner. The powers and duties of the Planning Commission according to City ordinance are articulated in more detail in City Code § 22-15: Powers and duties.


Region 1 – Heidi Shirk


Region 2 – Andrew Whalen


Region 3 – Kenny Weeks


Region 4 – Maxine Cook


Region 5 – Nelson M. Polite, Jr.


Region 6 – Miriam Ortega-Brown


At Large – Nicole Seuffert


At Large – David Boehm


At Large – Steve Hackett


Alternate – Tony Dastra


Alternate – Amos Stoltzfus


Alternate – Kelsey Gohn Irvine

Contact Info


Council Chambers
City Hall Annex (Marion Street entrance)
120 N. Duke St.
Lancaster, PA



(717) 291-4755


Meeting Schedule

First and third Wednesday of each month at 6:00 p.m.

Upcoming Events

Planning Commission Meeting
6:00 pm
Council Chambers, City Hall Annex (Marion Street entrance)
Planning Commission Meeting
6:00 pm
Council Chambers, City Hall Annex (Marion Street entrance)