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Winter 2020 Bike Lane Snow Removal

January 24, 2020 | Bureau of Operations Department of Public Works

The City of Lancaster’s Department of Public Works is committed to safety and access for all who use the public right of way.

For the remainder of this winter, when the City is hit with sleet or freezing rain as we experienced this past weekend, we will make every reasonable effort to salt the Walnut Street bike lanes in a timely manner. Note that for the current winter season, the Walnut Street bike lanes will not be cleared of snow and will only be treated for icy conditions. Bicyclists should exhibit caution and common sense when riding during the winter especially when there is a chance of ice. By law cyclists are allowed to ride in the travel lane even when there is a bike lane present.

Regardless of whether or not there is a bicycle lane on a street, residents should never shovel snow into the street. Per City Code, residents need to clear at least a three foot wide path on sidewalks. Please pile the snow in tree wells, grassy areas and along the curb on the sidewalk. We understand that this can be difficult during large snowfalls and appreciate your good-faith effort to keep snow out of the streets while clearing your sidewalks.

Snow removal equipment, appropriately sized for clearing snow and ice from narrow rights-of-way such as park paths and trails, and protected bike lanes, will be acquired in the future. Increased signage explaining how protected bike lanes should be used by bicyclists, pedestrians and motorists, will also be installed.

The City will continue to communicate, through social media and on its website, matters regarding the laws, rights and responsibilities of all those who use the streets, and continue to advise residents as to what they can do to assist in assuring safe passage by all on the City’s streets and sidewalks during all types of weather.