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Street Sweeping to Resume on Monday, April 20

April 16, 2020 | Bureau of Operations Department of Public Works

We suspended street sweeping in mid-March in anticipation of an influx of cars on the street due to more people working from home. It has been about a month since then, and despite many residents’ best efforts, there has been a significant accumulation of litter and debris on our streets. 

The accumulation of litter and debris is washing into our combined sewer system, which can pollute our rivers and the Chesapeake Bay. Litter also attracts vermin. For these reasons, we have made the decision to resume street cleaning on Monday, April 20. This decision was not made lightly. Our team worked hard to find a solution that would work best for everyone. Ultimately, the health and safety of our city is top priority. 

Several churches, schools and privately owned parking lots have agreed to allow parking in their lots during the day to give residents a convenient place in their neighborhood to move their car to for street sweeping, with the following stipulations: 

– Parking is only accessible during street cleaning hours 

– No working on cars or overnight parking is permitted 

– Parking is at your own risk and agreeing to park at one of these locations you release liability from the property owner 

– Towing will resume after street cleaning has ended – make sure you move your car by the end of the day 

Locations for parking during street sweeping:

Burrowes Elementary – 1001 E. Orange St.

Ross Elementary – 840 N. Queen St. 

Wickersham Elementary – 401 N. Reservoir St. 

Lincoln Middle School – 1001 Lehigh Ave. 

J. P. McCaskey High School – 445 N. Reservoir St.

McCaskey East – 1051 Lehigh Ave.

Fulton Elementary – 225 W. Orange St. 

Wharton Elementary – 705 N. Mary St. 

Reynolds Middle School – 605 W. Walnut St. 

King Elementary – 466 Rockland St. 

Washington Elementary – 545 S. Ann St. 

Hand Middle School – 431 S. Ann St. 

SACA Tec Centro – 102 Chester St. 

In the Light Ministries – 415 S. Shippen Street 

Buchanan Elementary – 340 S. West End Ave. 

Carter & MacRae Elementary – 257 S. Prince St. 

Hamilton Elementary – 1300 Wabank Rd. 

Lafayette Elementary – 1000 Fremont St. 

Martin Elementary – 2000 Wabank Rd. 

Price Elementary – 615 Fairview Ave. 

Wheatland Middle School – 919 Hamilton Park Dr. 

CAP – Corner of High St. & Laurel St. 

We understand that it will take time to adjust to this while many people are still working from home. We will phase in enforcement as we all adapt to the changes. 

This weekend and early next week, staff will place flyers on cars currently parked on our streets. Please share this news with your neighbors. Again, we’ll be easing back into enforcement but we still need residents to move their cars so we can clean the streets. Street sweeping will not be effective if residents do not move their cars.  

We understand that many of our citizens are facing financial hardships right now and are staying in their homes to keep themselves and their family safe and healthy. The best way to avoid a ticket is to move your car. But, if you need assistance, consider asking a neighbor if they can move the car on your behalf or relocate your car to a location where it will not have to be moved as often. 

We appreciate everyone’s understanding and cooperation during this time. If you have any questions or concerns, please email us at info@cityoflancasterpa.com.