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Statement from the Community & Police Working Group for the City of Lancaster

August 8, 2020 | Bureau of Police Community & Police Department of Public Safety

Today, the Community & Police Working Group for the City of Lancaster met virtually to finalize the areas of focus around race relations, recruitment and hiring processes and community engagement for the Group’s strategic plan. The strategic plan was created based on community feedback during town hall meetings and as a response to the recent demonstrations in our City. In the coming weeks, the strategic plan will be shared on the Community & Police Working Group’s page where community members are encouraged to review the plan and offer feedback.

When finalized, the strategic plan will guide the Community & Police Working Group in fulfilling our mission, which is a committed group of residents, organization leaders, and city and police administration advocating on behalf of our black, brown and other marginalized communities, and our vision, which is to build trust, collaboration and mutual understanding and respect among the community and police to create a just, safe, and equitable Lancaster City.

The Community & Police Working Group was formed in August 2018 following a tasing incident. The Group has been instrumental in policy changes regarding use of force, citizen complaint forms and other items highlighted at www.cityoflancasterpa.com/community-police-working-group/

-Delia Sanchez and Sgt. Donald Morant
Co-chairs, Community & Police Working Group