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Public Dining Areas to Open in Lancaster City

June 18, 2020

The City of Lancaster, in partnership with theĀ Lancaster City Alliance and Downtown Investment District, is announcing temporary street closures beginning Friday, June 19, 2020, to help increase business by allowing seating in the public right-of-way. The streets will be open to dining from 11:00 am to 8:00 pm, Sunday through Thursday, and 11:00 am to 10 pm, Friday and Saturday.

The first street that will be closed during the designated times are N. Market Street between W. Grant and W. Orange streets and E. Grant Street between N. Queen and N. Christian streets (see interactive map here). Please be aware of additional street closure announcements in the coming weeks.

The tables and chairs provided are for patrons to bring take-out food and beverage, including alcohol, to one of the public seating areas. These temporary street closures and dining areas can only continue if the rules are followed.


  • No moving tables or chairs. Tables must remain in designated spots and chairs must stay as arranged at those tables. Tables may not be combined. 
  • Please be courteous and considerate of others and limit you visit to 60 minutes. Please do not linger. 
  • Bringing additional chairs and/or tables into the public dining space is prohibited. 
  • Consumption of food and beverage (including alcohol) is only allowed while seated at table. Do not walk around with alcohol
  • Practice social distancing and wear a mask when not seated.
  • Please remove and properly dispose all waste. Hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes are being provided.

The closure of these street will results in change to traffic circulation patterns. Please pay attention to temporary traffic signs in this locations.

Thank you for your cooperation and enjoy downtown Lancaster City.