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I Speak for the Streets

April 4, 2019 | Bureau of Engineering & Construction Services

I speak for the streets.

The streets of Lancaster City that is.

All 113 miles of streets, and 8.5 miles of alley in every corner.

Some of us are tired, worn thin, and pock-marked. We get jostled around every time wheels pass over us. Especially the big trucks (yikes!).

Dug up unceremoniously because what lies beneath is leaking or needing replacement.

What lies beneath? A web of piping carrying water, sewer, stormwater, gas, telecommunications, electrical conduit. 

Some of it is very old! How old is it? A hundred and twenty-five years old just at the corner of Lemon and Prince! Made of wood, terra cotta, brick, concrete, iron, and more.

You are impatient with my imperfections. I understand.

I have caretakers – the City of Lancaster, the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, and even residents (private alleys, remember).

You see it is all confusing who is in charge of me.

Queen Street, Prince Street, King Street, Duke Street, Orange Street, Manor Street, Lime Street, Church Street, Marietta Avenue, Liberty Street, New Holland Avenue, Harrisburg Avenue, Columbia Avenue are the responsibility of PennDOT.

And the rest? The City of Lancaster, of course, who maintains this list of pending construction projects on me that you can find here: www.cityoflancasterpa.com/resident/road-construction

Spring is here!

It is good news! Warmer temperatures mean that asphalt can be made and I can get a new lease on life.  I can be young again. Fast and smooth… oh, I can hardly wait.

It is bad news! Construction continues with UGI gas line replacements, water and sewer line replacement. It all makes me even more thin, pock-marked and bumpy.  And you, even more impatient.

Oh, and then there are potholes. Spring, ‘tis the season. Can you help me? You see, I have no phone, no tongue even. And there are people who will help me. Please call 717-291-4835 and tell them where I need repair.

Also, please be patient just a little while longer while I wait for new asphalt in 2019. I’m going to be paved…

Walnut, from College to Plum

Dauphin, from Duke to Lime

Fulton, from Franklin to Reservoir

Ocean, from Ruby to Pearl

Hershey, from Manor to Fairview

Juniata, from Ann to Stevens

Ann, from Juniata to Susquehanna

Christian, from Chestnut to Liberty

Seymour, from Queen to Fairview

Beaver, from Conestoga to Furnace

Marietta, from Race to Orange

North West End, from Columbia to Marietta

Conestoga, from Union to Prince

And I know, I know. My Prince is going to take a little longer. UGI, PennDOT rule this artery. (See above.) Their work will extend until 2020 and then new paving.

Oh, and…

If you’re a car, and you absolutely must be riding on me, please go slow. 25 MPH to be precise.

While you’re at it, please help me stay clean. Heed the signs and move your car when they sweep.  It keeps me looking nice, keeps trash and out debris out of storm drains, and the EPA requires the City of Lancaster to do it.

I am a work in progress, and while that progress is happening, perhaps you might consider…

Sharing a ride,

Using an alternate route,

Leaving a few minutes earlier,

Or perhaps leaving your car at home and walking or biking.  After all it is Spring!


The Streets of Lancaster