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Get to Know Your City Employees: Susannah Bartlett

November 20, 2018 | Department of Community Planning & Economic Development

It takes all kinds to make a city run smoothly, and while you may not be familiar with the work Susannah Bartlett does, it’s remarkably important to the quality of life here in Lancaster. Susannah came to us from Syracuse a little under a year ago and has already made quite an impact with her knowledge of city planning and passion for data! Read on to learn about Susannah, both at and outside of City Hall!

Name: Susannah Bartlett

What is your position? Community Development Administrator

But no, really, what does that position do? A big part of my job is helping to administer the Community Development Block Grant and Emergency Solutions Grant. These grants pay for City and non-profit programming that helps to build communities and prevent homelessness (check out what we’re doing with the 2018 $’s here!). I’ve also been fortunate to work with the Redevelopment Assistance Capital Program; as the name suggests it’s a Pennsylvanian grant that helps to fund large scale, capital projects in the city. The final part of my job is to apply my experience and education in data analytics to the City’s programs and policies. I’ve enjoyed partnering with other data wonks at the City and in the community to try and understand how our programs impact the community and how the community is changing.

How does your job relate to making Lancaster a better, safer, or more equitable community? As part of my work here at the City, I serve on the Lancaster County Coalition to End Homelessness, the SoWe Board, and the Elm Street Steering Committee in the Historical Southeast. I believe these organizations are making a big difference to create a safer and more equitable community and I’m proud to lend a hand. Additionally, I am so excited about the work I get to do with data here at the City. I believe that data, when made accessible and analyzed responsibly, can really help our City make smart decisions. I’m equally proud to be a part of the awesome group of data wonks here at the City.

What are your hobbies outside of your city position? I’ve been very slowly learning piano. I’m also very quickly learning how to rack up a Home Depot bill since the purchase of my new home in the West End neighborhood. I also really love baking, eating and then swimming off the baked goods I eat.

Where do you like to visit in town (restaurants, bars, parks, etc.)? At this point I should probably just buy season tickets to the Barnstormers games. I’m also loving the concerts at Tellus360 and Wally (our poodle) really loves the Buchanan Dog Park.

Do you have siblings? Kids? Pets? I have two brothers and a poodle.

(If you don’t mind) What was your job before working for the City of Lancaster? I was the Analytics Coordinator for the Syracuse i-Team and before that was a city planner for the City of Syracuse.

What is one thing you wish people knew about your job/what are the most common misconceptions about your job? That being a data nerd is an exclusive club. Data is for everyone!

What is your best, “Lancaster Moment?” Getting the keys to my new house!

What’s your favorite song right now? I really like “Molotov” and “If We Were Vampires” by Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit. Good stuff!