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City Operations – February 2

February 1, 2021 | Department of Public Works Mayor's Office Solid Waste & Recycling Program


Trash & recycling collection for Tuesday, February 2 has been canceled. Penn Waste will accept twice the normal limit of trash and recycling for Monday and Tuesday customers next week. At this time, the remainder of the week will operate on a normal schedule.


Street sweeping will be suspended only while the snow emergency is in effect. When the snow emergency is lifted, the street sweeping schedule will resume. Utilizing the street sweeping schedule even when snow remains on the ground allows the Department of Public Works to continue to clear travel and parking lanes of snow, especially on non-snow emergency routes.


City offices will be closed to the public on Tuesday, February 2.


City operations for Tuesday, February 2 are curtailed to essential employees. All employees who can work from home should work from home. If you are unable to work from home or have questions, please reach out to your supervisor.

Thank you to all of the Public Works and Public Safety teams who are working to clear streets and respond to requests for service!