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City of Lancaster Issues Demonstration Guidelines ahead of Sunday Protest

August 8, 2020 | Mayor's Office

LANCASTER, Pa., Aug. 8, 2020 – City of Lancaster officials are aware of a protest scheduled for 5 a.m. on Sunday, Aug. 9 at the Lancaster City Police Department, 39 W. Chestnut St.

W. Chestnut Street will be closed on Sunday for the protest. The public is advised to avoid the area if traveling downtown.

The City of Lancaster supports citizens’ rights to free speech and are prioritizing the safety of those who will be participating as well as the public at large. We would like to remind the public of best practices to ensure safety during demonstrations:

  • Individuals and organizations have the lawful right to demonstrate if done in a lawful manner.
  • Remaining orderly ensures an orderly response from law enforcement.
  • Avoid blocking sidewalks, streets or private driveways, or entrances to any private or public place as that creates a problem for fellow citizens, flow of traffic and public safety.
  • Avoid preventing anyone from entering or leaving a place or threatening anyone with bodily harm.
  • Demonstrators may speak to people entering or leaving a place and may pass out leaflets and or pamphlets.
  • Every demonstration or organization demonstrating should have a point of contact, who is easily identifiable, who will act as a liaison between the Lancaster Bureau of Police and the Bureau of Police should have one point of contact for the group to communicate questions or challenges both ways.
  • The party being demonstrated against may sign a criminal complaint if a violation of the law occurs on private property.
  • If something being protested against is an event with a permit, the permit holder may exclude demonstrators from being within the permitted area.  Demonstrators may, however, continue their demonstrations outside of the permitted area provided their demonstrations are conducted in a lawful manner.
  • It is the duty of the police agencies involved to protect the rights of all persons, demonstrators and non-demonstrators alike, at the scene of a demonstration.
  • If demonstrations continue late into the evenings, noise can create problems for fellow citizens. Avoid loud noise past 10 p.m. in line with the Noise Ordinance.