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Celebrating Black History Month 2021

February 3, 2021 | Mayor's Office

The City of Lancaster is delighted to celebrate Black History Month this February. Lancaster City is home to a Black community with deep, historic roots. We join the nation in setting aside this month to honor our Black community members and their countless contributions to our city’s history and culture.

Lancaster is home to Black families that have been here for generations and new residents, immigrants, and refugees from the African diaspora. All enrich our culture and are a significant piece of what makes our community whole.

The City of Lancaster encourages all Lancastrians to join the celebration and show their support by patronizing Black-owned businesses, spotlighting Black artists, engaging with Black-led community organizations, and pushing for racial justice, not just this month but every month.

We affirm that the Lancaster value of loving our neighbors means Black lives matter. Racism and discrimination of any kind have no place in our community.

Racial inequities underpin the very fabric of our nation and require deliberate commitment and action to dismantle. Action is needed, and we each need to ask what is in our power to do. The City of Lancaster is working to find a different, better path forward. Go to cityoflancasterpa.com/equity to see a list of the City’s equity commitments, a brief progress report, and other key information. We invite you to join us in making commitments and taking action.

To learn more about events and celebrations happening in our community, go to cityoflancasterpa.com/black-history-month