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Traffic Commission

The Traffic Commission has the duty, power and authority to adopt regulations concerning the flow of traffic and parking of vehicles within the City.

The Commission generally meets every other month on the first Tuesday at 3:30 PM in City Council Chambers in City Hall, 120 North Duke Street.

To request that an issue be added to an upcoming Traffic Commission meeting agenda, please contact Tyresa Bailey at (717) 291-4730 or Please note the Agenda Deadlines below when making your request.

Residential Permit Parking Rules and Regulations

2017 Important Dates

MEETING DATE                       AGENDA DEADLINE

Jan 10th                                      Dec 19th   

March 7th                                    Feb 20th

May 2nd                                      April 17th  

July 11th                                     June 26th  

Sept 12th**                                  Aug 21st  

Nov 14th                                     Oct 23rd

**Rescheduled from September 5th


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