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City Trees

The City of Lancaster strives to maintain and further increase its urban forest, which provides numerous social, economic, and environmental benefits to its residents.


Well-Maintained Street Trees Can...

...significantly decrease stormwater runoff by capturing rainwater in their leaves and soaking it up through their roots. Trees help to clean stormwater before it reaches our waterways.

...make Lancaster’s air easier to breath by filtering hazardous particulates out of the air, absorbing carbon dioxide, and emitting oxygen.

...reduce cooling and heating costs by being strategically placed around buildings and roads. This shading and cooling provided by community trees helps to shrink energy needs and, therefore, your bills.

...better peoples’ health. Street and park trees are mentally and emotionally restorative to people by reducing noise, providing a contrast to hard surfaces, and reestablishing a connection to the natural world; this helps to reduce stress and consequently improve health.

...greatly increase the value of homes and property by creating a sense of privacy and adding to the beauty of the neighborhood. The local economy also wins, as studies have shown how tree-lined storefronts bring out community, increase the length of time people shop, and increase the willingness of shoppers to pay for goods.


Questions about Programming
Douglas Smith
Sustainability Planner

Questions about Permitting
Jim Bower
City Arborist