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Taxes & Fees

The Tax Office is responsible for billing and collection for all municipal tax services provided by the City. These include real estate tax, water and sewer services, solid waste and recycling services and the Lancaster Downtown Investment District tax. This office also collects for tickets issued by the Police Bureau.

The Tax Office is located on the first floor of the police station at 39 West Chestnut Street, Lancaster, PA 17608-1020.

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Taxes & Fees FAQ

Procedures for Settlement and Property Tax Certification

On June 23rd, 2009 City Council of Lancaster, Pennsylvania adopted Administrative Bill 10-2009, Fee Ordinance and Fee Resolution which codified the fees for services provided by the City of Lancaster. The effective date of the Fee Schedule is July 13th, 2009. Fee Schedule Procedures will explain the procedures that are mandatory, as well as the forms required, for processing all tax certifications, water finals and/or trash finals.

Property Settlement Instructions

Attorney, Title, Settlement Company and Instructions:

- All requests must be mailed with payment. (See below for fee schedule) Please allow ample time for return.  Requests are generally processed within 24 hours or the next business day.

- Effective July 1, 2013 all requests must include a completed Smoke Detector Certification Form.

- Include a self addressed stamped envelope with requests or a fax number for return. 

- If all information is not submitted we cannot process the requests.

- If you do not have the City of Lancaster Request Form for Tax Certifications and Water/Sewer, Trash Finals the Settlement and Tax Certification Forms can be downloaded here or can be faxed to you. Please telephone 717-735-3425 to request this form.  

- Only requests submitted on the City of Lancaster Request Form will be completed.

- When making requests, please include fee for the Water/Sewer Final. Prior to closing you may fax the final water meter reading to 717-735-3431 and we will provide the Final Water Bill for settlement.

- If payment is not submitted prior to requesting a final water bill, we will not be able to process the final.  

- The Fees per parcel are as follows:

- Tax Certification $20.00

- Final Trash Bill $9.00

- Final Water Reading $9.00

- Complete Certification $38.00

- Make checks payable to City of Lancaster