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Residential Smoke Detector Program

The Lancaster City Bureau of Fire provides assistance and education in residential fire detection and suppression systems. The Fire Bureau is here to respond to residents' questions regarding fire alarms, smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors and residential sprinkler systems and will provide and install detectors free of charge, if available, to owner occupied residences. 

A detector is required on the ceiling or wall outside of each sleeping area, in each bedroom or room that can be used to sleep in (every room, except the kitchen and bathroom) and on each level of the house, including the basement.

Use of detectors using removable nine volt batteries as a source of power shall be prohibited in all situations.

The City fire code requires either hard-wired smoke detectors with battery backup or 10 year non-removable (tamperproof) lithium battery detectors, as per the International Fire Code 2009 Edition.

The Lancaster City Fire Foundation helps to provide smoke detectors for our installation program and your donation is appreciated. Click here to donate today.

To find out if you qualify and apply for the smoke detector program, please call the Fire Marshal division at 717-291-4869.