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Current Road Work

See below for a list of current projects that may impact vehicle and pedestrian travel. For a list of event-related street closures, go to

Questions? Contact Matt Metzler at or (717) 291-4777.


Prince Street Upgrade Project, UGI Utilities (gas main and services)—James St  to Seymour St

Beginning tentatively the week of March 18th, contractors for UGI (Miller Pipeline) will mobilize two work crews—one at Seymour Street, and one at King Street, to perform natural gas main and service upgrades throughout the Prince Street corridor in advance on PennDOT paving in 2020.  Both work zones will proceed north from Seymour to King, and from King to James, respectively.  The southern work zone is in a residential area and will be performed during daytime hours, with residential street parking being restored as much as possible in the evenings. The northern work zone is in the downtown investment district, and will consist of main work performed at night in the roadway, followed by service work during the day. Lane restrictions will be prevalent day and night, except for morning and evening rush hours (6:00am-8:30am and 3:30pm to 6:00pm). Any questions or concerns related to this project should be directed to Jose Figueroa, Operations Supervisor, (717) 255-1437 or


West Lemon Street (200 block) ( Sewer)

Contractors for the City of Lancaster (Wexcon, Inc.) will be replacing a 36" diameter brick sewer line within the 200 Block of West Lemon Street starting mid March 2019. The work will occur from the intersection of West Lemon & Water Street to 100' west of West Lemon & Arch Street. The sewer replacement project is anticipated to last four to five weeks, weather dependent. On-street parking will be restricted in areas during the working works of 7AM to 5PM, Monday through Friday as posted. Every attempt will be made to restore night and weekend parking where possible, but due to depth of sewer and large pipe, parking area will be need for the large equipment storage. Lemon Street will be closed at Arch Street for two days with the start of the project. Questions or issues with this project should be directed to the Wastewater Project Manager, Public Works, (717) 989-3638.


Charlotte Street Two-Way Conversion

The 200 and 300 blocks of North Charlotte will be resurfaced in Spring 2019 and, along with some landscaping work, that work will conclude the project. Please contact Matt Metzler, Deputy Director of Public Works, (717) 291-4777 with any questions or concerns.


Manor and King Street, Streetlight and Tree Project

The project will continue into summer. Contractors continue to work on the north side of Manor Street and will continue to proceed westward down the north (parking) side of Manor Street. The work will take several weeks per block and will require residents to obey No Parking signage. Manor Street will have lane restrictions during a portion of this project that will entail flagging and detours. Please contact Matt Metzler, Deputy Director of Public Works, (717) 291-4777 with any questions or concerns.


South Prince Street Water Main

Water Main service tie-over work is ongoing, and will continue through late-March. This work is generally planned between Seymour and Hazel, including intersection work. Questions should be directed to the Bureau of Engineering at (717) 291-4764.  


West Walnut Street Project, UGI

UGI is upgrading main and services in advance of 2019 resurfacing by the City of Lancaster. They are currently working in the vicinity of Charlotte St and Lancaster Ave. Due to weather delays and coordination requirements with other contractors, they are scheduled to complete the work in this area the week of April 1.

Residents with questions or concerns regarding this gas upgrade project (schedule, service interruption, metering, etc) are encouraged to contact UGI’s Operations Supervisor Jose Figueroa at (717) 255-1437 or


East and West Walnut Street Project, City of Lancaster

Contractors for the water main replacement in the 400 and 500 blocks of West Walnut Street are currently working on South Prince Street to tend to another project. They expect to return in late-March to early-April to perform service work for about 3-4 weeks into the month of May. Residents will receive door hangers with any projected interruptions, and should pay attention to posted No Parking signage.

Contractors continue water main replacement from Queen to Duke, and will work into March. This will result in parking restrictions and lane restrictions during weekday work hours. Green Infrastructure will resume in March and continue for 10-12 weeks.

Contractors continue water main replacement on East Walnut Street, between Duke and Plum. Work is expected to continue through May.

In the spring, contractors will start upgrading ADA-accessible curb ramps on many intersections with Walnut Street, as well as installing Green Infrastructure between Prince and Duke.

In the summer, contractors will remove the right turn lane of Prince St (onto Walnut St) and install stormwater facilities and rain gardens at this location. The roadway will be transformed into a traditional two-lane layout.

Walnut Street is then scheduled for resurfacing in late-summer (Shippen to College).

Questions or concerns on these projects should be directed to Matt Metzler, Deputy Director of Public Works, (717) 291-4777.


Hershey Ave Utility Work, Paving (Manor to Fairview)

Work has suspended at the end of the construction season, and will resume in Spring 2019 with curb ramps, roadway patching, and then resurfacing in early- to mid- summer.


Christian Street (Chestnut to Liberty), Water Main, Green Infrastructure, Ped-Bike Way

The project has been awarded and work will commence in late-April or early-May 2019. Resurfacing is scheduled for fall 2019.


Street Improvement Program

Due to inclement/cold weather and pending plant shutdowns for the winter, the City has temporarily suspended our annual pavement resurfacing program. The contractor will begin with ADA-accessible curb ramp ahead of paving in the spring. Locations anticipated include:

-Dauphin St (Duke to Lime) (resurfacing in early-Spring)

-Rockland St (Green to Dauphin) (resurfacing in early-Spring)

-Walnut Street (Shippen to College) (ramps in spring/summer followed by resurfacing)

-Hershey Ave (Manor to Fairview) (ramps in spring/summer followed by resurfacing)


Water and Wastewater Trench Restorations

This work is suspended until spring. When the work resumes (approximately April 1), residents and motorists may encounter unexpected, short-term work zones as permanent restoration takes place. These are generally 1- or 2-day work areas. Please contact the Engineering Bureau at (717) 291-4764 with any specific questions or concerns on this work.


101NQ (101 North Queen), former Bulova Technologies Building

This project is currently underway through the fall of 2019. Temporary walkways behind jersey barriers have been placed and pedestrians are guided through these for the remainder of the project on both Queen and Orange Streets. Christian Street is currently closed to all vehicular traffic. Concerns should be directed to the Department of Public Works, (717) 291-4764. More information on the project can be found at


151 North Queen Street (Hotel Lancaster/Holiday Inn)

Construction is ongoing at this project through summer. Lancaster Square is now occupied by contractors to facilitate construction on the North Queen and East Chestnut property. Scaffolding and other temporary site are in-place as the work progresses. Questions on the project and potential bookings may be directed to the owners:


East King Street, Marriott Expansion and Fulton Bank Expansion

The two travel lanes continue to be shifted left (north) to accommodate two lanes of travel while providing a safe working zone buffer for the demolition and site preparation activity. Parking has been eliminated between Queen and Christian Streets to facilitate this shift. This shift is expected to remain in place until the new hotel tower is completed in early-2019. The contractors will be coordinating site activities between the Marriott and Fulton Bank projects to eliminate or reduce the need for lane restrictions downtown and provide for pedestrian access on one side of the street at all times. Pedestrians are advised to pay attention to signage, as their route through this corridor will change as the projects proceed. North Christian Street and East Grant Street will have temporary restrictions and changes as a result of the Fulton Bank project, and South Christian Street is closed at the Marriott. Motorists and visitors are advised to follow all posted signage and obey parking and road restrictions.


Fulton Street (Green Infrastructure), Green Street Project (700 block of East Fulton)

Contractors for the City of Lancaster are currently installing Green Infrastructure on this block. The stormwater project will continue into mid- to late-February. Contractors will return in the spring to perform resurfacing work. Please call the Engineering Bureau at (717) 291-4764 with any questions on this project.


City of Lancaster Green Infrastructure Projects

City of Lancaster will resume work on several Green Infrastructure projects in the winter and spring 2019. Please contact the Engineering Bureau if you have specific concerns about a location under construction at 291-4764. Locations will include:

JL Clark (February-March to June 2019)

Hand Middle School (June-August 2019)