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Redevelopment Authority

The Redevelopment Authority has properties for sale for the purpose of homeownership and elimination of blight conditions in the City of Lancaster.

All single-family properties are sold for the use of owner occupancy. These properties are scattered throughout the City. Each property has been declared blighted by the Lancaster Property Reinvestment Board and the Lancaster City Planning Commission. Most properties require extensive rehabilitation and are required to meet Code before being occupied. The selling price is set according to appraised value in the "as is" condition. All properties need to be renovated within a twelve-month period, to meet standards set by the Building and Housing Codes of the City of Lancaster and, as applicable, the Historic Rehabilitation Standards.

Redevelopment Authority meetings are held on the third Tuesday of each month. A written proposal needs to be turned in to the Secretary one week prior to each meeting date.

Each proposal must include the following items:
-   The purchase price
-   Evidence of financial ability to acquire and rehabilitate the property
-    A detailed description of a rehabilitation plan and cost estimate
-   Names of contractors/subcontractors and completion date of work
-   Intent of property after rehabilitation

Call Butch Vega at (717) 291-4943 to inspect the interior of a property. He will set up an appointment with a Housing Inspector to meet you at the property.

List is subject to change without notice. To make an offer to purchase any of these properties, an application must be completed and submitted to the Redevelopment Authority one week prior to each meeting date. The meetings are held on the third Tuesday of each month. When there are multiple bids for a property, it is possible that the property will be sold by auction at the RACL meeting. For further information, contact Carolyn Faggart at 717-291-4759 or

This project is supported by a grant from the City of Lancaster through its Community Development Block Grant Program.