Snow Emergency Declared - January 22

1/25 9:30 PM UPDATE

Enforcement of metered parking will be suspended on Tuesday, January 26th in order to provide additional on-street parking options for City residents. Residents are reminded to remove vehicles from Parking Garages by 9 AM. Cars can be moved to metered spaces at no charge.

1/25 6:00 PM UPDATE

The Snow Emergency for the City of Lancaster will end at 7:00 AM, Tuesday morning. Vehicles remaining in parking garages after 9:00 AM will be charged a parking fee to exit. City crews and contractors are working continuously around-the-clock to remove snow from emergency routes, side streets, and all arteries. Even with all resources dedicated to this effort, snow remains on many side streets and on sections of snow emergency routes. These efforts will continue for as long as it takes to recover from this historic weather event. Travel may be limited to a single lane along emergency routes, with parking allowed on both sides. As on-going snow removal progresses along those routes, parking restrictions will be posted. Please stay tuned for updates and look for signs that will be posted to advise you of any parking restrictions. We understand that parking will be at a premium. We understand that residents and motorists will experience inconvenience. We ask for patience and cooperation in the days ahead. Cooperation from residents will help quicken our recovery from this storm.

These blocks will be signed for snow removal on TUESDAY, JANUARY 26:
N Duke St - James to Liberty St
N Lime St - James to Liberty St
E Walnut St - N Plum to Broad St
E Chestnut St - N Plum to Broad St
E Orange St - N Plum to Broad St
E King St - N Plum to Broad St
W Walnut St - N Charlotte St to College Ave
W Chestnut St - N Charlotte St to College Ave
W Orange St - N Charlotte St to College Ave

We are trying to plow snow emergency routes from curb-to-curb.  Residents can park on the side of the snow emergency route that has been plowed to the curb. Do not park on the side of the street that is posted for plowing. 

1/25 3:00 PM UPDATE

Trash service in the City of Lancaster is suspended for the week. Service will resume on Monday, February 1. Customers may set out double the allotted amount on their regular collection day next week. Please hold off on setting out any large items or excess trash that does not require immediate collection; hold this for better weather, this will improve collection. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation during this time. This will ensure the safety of the public and our workers.

1/24 7:15 PM UPDATE

SNOW EMERGENCY EXTENDED FOR CITY OF LANCASTER - Mayor Gray has just been advised that the County has updated their status for Monday, January 25th. County offices will be closed on Monday. City offices will also be closed on Monday, January 25. Non-essential City employees should not report for work. This will free up parking for City residents in Parking Authority garages. With this development, the City is able to extend the snow emergency through Tuesday morning at 7:00 AM. Cars can remain in parking garages until that time. This will allow snow removal crews to continue snow removal efforts along side streets. Vehicles should remain in garages with no parking on snow emergency routes until the snow emergency is lifted. The travel ban has been lifted as of 5:00 PM today. Please limit unnecessary travel and be very careful. Please exercise patience as we work to recover from this historic weather event.

1/24 4:30 PM UPDATE

Trash & recycling collection will run on a holiday schedule this week. Monday customers should put their trash out Tuesday, Tuesday customers should put their trash out Wednesday, etc. If you have questions, please email

1/24 11:00 AM UPDATE

A travel ban for the City of Lancaster remains in effect until 5 PM today, Sunday, January 24. Motorists are urged to limit travel and exercise extreme caution in order to support on-going snow removal efforts. The snow emergency remains in effect for the City of Lancaster. Parking continues to be prohibited along snow emergency routes. Violators will be towed.

1/23 6:00 PM UPDATE

Motorists in violation of the travel ban in the City of Lancaster will be cited and vehicles in violation will be towed from City roadways at the owners' expense. Police will enforce this ban for the duration of the travel ban. Vehicles obstructing snow removal efforts will be towed. The snow emergency for the City of Lancaster remains in effect. No parking on snow emergency routes until otherwise notified. 

1/23 12:30 PM UPDATE

A travel ban has been issued for the City of Lancaster effectively immediately. This travel ban will remain in effect until further notice. Emergency services vehicles and personnel, including media, are exempt from this travel ban. Motorists abandoning their vehicles after failed attempts to drive in the City are obstructing snow plows and snow removal efforts. Violators of this travel ban will face prosecution.


A snow emergency has been declared, effective from 5:00 PM on Friday, January 22 through 7:00 AM on Monday, January 25.

Vehicles must be removed from designated snow emergency routes by 7:00 PM on Friday, January 22 or be subject to ticketing and/or towing. Vehicles may not return to snow emergency routes until the snow emergency has been lifted. Any car parked on a snow emergency route during a snow emergency will be towed.

Click here to view a map of the snow emergency routes

FREE parking during the snow emergency will be available for residents at the following Lancaster Parking Authority garages beginning at 5:00 PM:

Prince Street Garage - 111 North Prince Street
Water Street Garage - 220 North Water Street
East King Street Garage - 150 East King Street
Duke Street Garage - 150 North Duke Street
North Queen Street Garage - 424 North Queen Street

You must pull a ticket upon entry.

Free Parking will NOT be available at the Penn Square Garage (25-51 East Vine Street), Central Garage (43 South Prince Street) or RRTA's Queen Street Station Garage (corner of North Queen and West Chestnut). Regular rates will apply at theses garages.

All vehicles must be removed from parking garages between 7:00 and 9:00 am on Monday, January 25. Regular hourly rates will commence after that time.

Please direct any questions about parking to the Lancaster Parking Authority at (717) 299-0907.

Continue to check the City's website for updates and announcements and sign up for emergency alerts on our website.

Furniture in Streets

DO NOT save parking spots with any furniture or other items at any time. This poses a hazard to yourself, your neighbors, snow removal equipment, and city staff. Anything placed in the street is subject to confiscation

Towing Information

In the event that your car is towed during the snow emergency, the four tow companies below will be handling towing on the streets listed. Owners should contact the tow company directly to get their car back.

Silverback Towing 1103 Ranck Mill Road, Unit 3 | (717) 455-9772
North and South Duke Street, North and South Lime Street, North Queen Street, East Walnut Street

Lancaster Fleet and Auto 1203 Marshall Avenue | (717) 295-4444
South Queen Street, East King Street, East Orange Street, East Chestnut Street

Patriot-St. Denis Towing 58 North Donnerville Road, Mountville | (717) 285-0100
South Prince Street, West Chestnut Street, West Orange Street, Manor Street

Absolute Towing 136 Keller Avenue | (717) 509-3100
West King Street, North Prince Street, West Walnut Street

Snow & Ice Removal Reminders

Property owners are required to clear their sidewalks and the openings to any crosswalks of snow and ice within five hours of the end of the snow. If the snow ends overnight, the property owner has until 10 am. Do not shovel snow into the street.

If there is a fire hydrant or storm drain in front of or near your property, please clear it.

Please be considerate of your neighbors. Have a neighbor who's not home, elderly or handicapped? Please take some time and help them out with this task.