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Strategic Plan

With the adoption of our City’s first Strategic Plan nearly a decade ago, we set out to create the ideal urban experience for our residents and visitors.

Since that time, consistent and systematic code enforcement, combined with an expedited process to address blighted or vacant properties have brought visible improvements to our housing stock. Direct interaction between police and residents at neighborhood meetings, churches, non-profit organizations, and through social media, have strengthened the relationship between our police and the community they serve. These efforts, together with an unprecedented level of investment in our parks and green spaces have enhanced the quality of life in our neighborhoods. At the same time, Lancaster has become a major art and entertainment destination for visitors and a desirable location for empty-nesters and young entrepreneurs looking for a place to call home.

Indeed, much has been done over the past decade to lay the groundwork for creating the ideal urban experience. This, our third Strategic Plan recognizes that creating that ideal experience is a work in progress and a journey that never ends.

Thus, with this Strategic Plan, we focus on the essence and spirit of what makes a City ideal: community, livability, stability, and vitality. This Plan challenges us to expand the opportunities that come with our success to every neighborhood and every resident; to strengthen connections among neighbors and reinforce our sense of community; and to participate — as a community — in the creation of an ideal urban experience. In short, this Strategic Plan challenges us to accept our shared interest in — and responsibility for — creating the ideal urban experience.

Lancaster continues to be one of the most exciting and diverse small cities in the country. Together we will make the City of Lancaster even better.


J. Richard Gray

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