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Current Road Work

Questions? Contact Matt Metzler at or (717) 291-4777.


PPL continues their underground conductor replacements due to infrastructure age and reliability concerns in the downtown underground network. The first phase of this work started in 2017 and was performed overnight from the Prince Street Substation to the 200 block of North Queen Street. The second phase is now occurring (through July 7), 6:30 pm to 5:30 am Monday nights through Friday mornings (4x 10 hour shifts). Flagger Force will be setting up lane restrictions at 6:30 pm and PPL crews will start entering manholes and staging work zones at 7:00 pm. The work will begin in the vicinity of North Queen Street at Binn’s Park, and will head south from there (000 North Queen, 000 East and West Orange, and all roadways within 1 block of Penn Square). Overnight parking will be restricted on an as-needed basis to complete the work. Questions should be directed to Public Works at (717) 291-4764.


LGH Behavioral Health Facility

Through early-June, contractors for LGH will be finalizing the roadway and signal work related to the construction of the LGH Behavioral Health Facility. As a result, sidewalk closures and lane restrictions will be occasional as curb ramps, driveway aprons, and signal foundations are installed in the vicinity of Charlotte/Harrisburg and Liberty Street. A new traffic light is going to be installed at Charlotte and Harrisburg this summer. During the week of May 21, nighttime milling and paving operations will occur on Harrisburg Pike that will require flagging and/or detours, and Charlotte Street will be closed. Liberty Street will be closed past the CVS parking lot and the connection between Prince Street and Harrisburg Pike will be closed overnight during the paving activities. Questions or concerns may be directed to the Department of Public Works at (717) 291-4764.


101 North Queen Street (formerly Bulova Building, corner of Queen/Orange)

This project is currently underway. Christian Street is currently closed to through traffic (Marion to Orange). Contractors are currently performing work on the building’s facades and roof and installing scaffolding for façade work. Sidewalk closures and lane restrictions on Orange Street and Queen Street will become necessary as the work progresses and larger, long-reach equipment and cranes are mobilized to the site. Concerns should be directed to the Department of Public Works, (717) 291-4764. More information on the project can be found at


Charlotte Street Two-Way Conversion

Contractors for the City of Lancaster, Rogele Inc, continue working on the two-way conversion project. This project is scheduled to continue through 2018’s full construction season with paving in October and two-way conversion in November. The contractor is performing coordinated work with UGI in the 400 block, is beginning to mobilize down to the 000 block. Work will accelerate in this area and continue for 6-8 weeks. Contractors will continue to proceed northward from King as UGI finishes their work in the 200-300-400 blocks. Residents within the project limits should have received letters further describing the schedule and work impacts. Residents should expect parking, lane, and sidewalk restrictions throughout the project. Residents are advised to closely follow all posted ‘No Parking’ signage, and obey all work zone signage. All parking signs are required to have clearly stated dates and times to be enforceable, and must be posted 48 hours prior to towing being enforced. Motorists are asked to please exercise caution in the work zones and anticipate delays during their commute. Additional notices, mailings, flyers, and electronic distributions will be provided through the life of the two-way conversion and generally in advance of the construction starting on your block.


Street Improvement Program (Chesapeake Street, Charles Rd, Union St, North and South West End Aves)

Contractors for the City of Lancaster have provided the first preliminary schedule for planned roadway resurfacing. Parking will be restricted as necessary to facilitate the work, and lane restrictions will be periodic for work zone safety and material delivery. Any questions should be directed to the Department of Public Works, (717) 291-4764.

  • Week of 5/14/18: Mill Chesapeake Street (Duke St to Ann St), South West End (Columbia Ave to Ocean Ave) and North West End Ave (Marietta Ave to Buchanan Ave)
  • Week of 5/21: Pave Chesapeake Street (Duke St to Ann St), South West End (Columbia Ave to Ocean Ave) and North West End Ave (Marietta Ave to Buchanan Ave)


151 North Queen Street (Hotel Lancaster/Holiday Inn)

Construction is accelerating at this project. Lancaster Square is now occupied by contractors to facilitate construction on the North Queen and East Chestnut property. Questions on the project and potential bookings may be directed to the owners:


East King Street, Marriott Expansion and Fulton Bank Expansion

The two travel lanes continue to be shifted left (north) to accommodate two lanes of travel while providing a safe working zone buffer for the demolition and site preparation activity. Parking has been eliminated between Queen and Christian Streets to facilitate this shift. This shift will remain in place until the new tower is completed in late-2018. The contractors will be coordinating site activities between the Marriott and Fulton Bank projects to eliminate or reduce the need for lane restrictions downtown and provide for pedestrian access on one side of the street at all times. Pedestrians are advised to pay attention to signage, as their route through this corridor will change as the projects proceed. North Christian Street and East Grant Street will have temporary restrictions and changes as a result of the Fulton Bank project, and South Christian Street is closed at the Marriott. Motorists and visitors are advised to follow all posted signage and obey parking and road restrictions.


City of Lancaster Green Infrastructure Projects

City of Lancaster will continue work on several Green Infrastructure projects with its contractor, Rogele Inc. Please contact the Engineering Bureau if you have specific concerns about a location under construction at 291-4764. Locations for the remainder of 2017 and into 2018 will include:

- Morton Lane (April-June 2018): project will commence in April 2018, and paving will occur in June.

- East Ross Street, Queen to Market (June 15 to August 15)

- McCaskey Parking Lot (June 15 to August 15)