Water Quality Alert Update: Levels of HAAs

The City of Lancaster has made changes to treatment and to operations to reduce the formation of HAAs through the system.  The chlorine levels have been lowered to keep the HAAs from forming in the furthest reaches of our distribution system. The City has also started flushing the affected area (Willow Street area).  Preliminary sample results for the Willow Street area show the HAA level has dropped to 0.021mg/L.  This is well under the EPA’s maximum contaminant level (MCL) of 0.060mg/L.

The City of Lancaster will continue the steps mentioned above, including weekly testing of the affected area to ensure that we are maintaining the lower levels of HAA.  The results for the first quarter of 2017 will be released at the end of February.  At that time, the City will be able to determine if the running annual average for the past four consecutive quarters, falls below the MCL.  Due to the high result from the fourth quarter of 2016, public notices might need to be sent again in March if the running annual average does not fall below the MCL. However, the water remains in compliance and safe for consumption and use.