Update: Snow Removal Near Completion

Crews have completed almost all snow removal in Lancaster City.

By Thursday morning, all snow emergency routes will be cleared from curb-to-curb along their entire length from curb-to-curb. These emergency routes include:

* Duke Street

* Lime Street

* Walnut Street

* Chestnut Street

* Orange Street

* Prince Street

* Queen Street

* King Street

The Prince Street garage will be available from 6:00 PM Wednesday until 7:00 AM Thursday, January 27. Please take a ticket upon entry. Cars remaining in the garage after 9:00 AM will be charged a parking fee.

The School District of Lancaster has cancelled classes for the remainder of the week. School District lots are also available for use by residents until 4:00 PM on Sunday, January 31.

Snow has been cleared from all travel lanes on every neighborhood. To report anything that may have been missed, please contact Streets Department at 717-291-4835

Moving forward, clean-up is the priority. Snow piles left at intersections will be removed and curb cuts will be cleared for passage. Thanks to all and stay updated by visiting www.cityoflancasterpa.com.