Trash and Recycling Program Update

Due to the continued challenges created by melting and refreezing of snow/ice on streets and the accumulation of snow along the curbs that restrict travel on streets, it is very difficult for trash and recycling collection crews to access some streets. Penn Waste crews are doing their best to collect, but environmental conditions and safety may prevent the collection of trash and recyclables on schedule. Excess weekly trash will be collected when accessible.

There are some steps that residents can take to assist crews:

1.       Be sure trash containers are within reach and not frozen into ice and snow.

2.       Remove accumulated snow from trash containers and recycling bins.  Never shovel snow into streets.

3.       Make a cut out in the sidewalk adjacent to the curb to set containers and bags.

4.       If trash goes uncollected, leave it there so crews can get it when conditions improve.

5.       Be sure that trash is secured in bags and cans to prevent spillage or scavenging by animals and birds.

The weather this winter has created some unusual hazards and the city and contractor both appreciate residents’ patience.