Storm Clean Up


Residents and property owners should contact the Streets Bureau at (717) 291-4835 to report any trees that have fallen and are blocking sidewalks or streets to ensure we have all locations on our working list.

If a street tree has fallen into the street, the city will remove those trees. This is our immediate priority. However, if there are downed wires, our crews must wait for PPL to clear those wires so our crews can work safely. 

After streets have been cleared, we will help clean up other trees that may be blocking sidewalks, or have fallen on cars, etc. so that school children and pedestrians can use the sidewalks.

Trees in yards are the responsibility of the homeowner and they should seek a qualified tree service to remove those trees/large limbs and remove the debris. Residents are reminded that the cost of that service includes waste disposal. So please help ensure that their contractor removes the debris since the resident has paid for this service. 

Remember to contact your property insurance representative to report property and sidewalk damage from fallen trees.


We will be adding yard waste pick up for each quadrant of the city on Friday, September 8 and Saturday, September 9 from 7:30 am to 5 pm to help residents dispose of yard waste that they have cleaned up themselves. Residents do not need to call to request a pick up since our crews and Penn Waste will be using routes to pick up bags and large debris set out on the curb.

Yard waste bags will be distributed to Adopt-a-Block sponsors who have volunteered to help distribution in their neighborhood.

Yard waste bags are also available free of charge at: 

City Hall, 120 North Duke Street
M - F 8:30 AM - 5 PM

Treasury Office (inside Police Department), 39 West Chestnut Street 
M - F 8:30 AM - 5 PM

Streets Department, 515 North Franklin Street
M - F  7 AM - 4:15 PM

Recycling Center, 850 New Holland Avenue
M - F 8 AM - 5 PM & SAT 8 AM – Noon


You can help relieve localized flooding on your street by using a rake to remove debris clogging the tops of storm drains. Our crews are also working to alleviate flooding, but residents can assist with this effort.