Spring Flushing

The City of Lancaster Department of Public Works will be performing a thorough flushing of water distribution mains to promote maximum water quality.

Flushing operations will begin Monday April 1, 2019 between 8 a.m. and 2 p.m. Operations will allow for the cleaning of each main at least once during the designated flushing dates. Visit our website, Facebook and Twitter regularly, or sign up for South Central Alerts, for schedule updates. Bookmark this page - we will regularly post what streets are scheduled to be flushed.

Flushing may cause customers to observe a slight cloudiness in the water and a reduction in water  pressure, but this occurrence should be temporary and can be remedied by running a second floor faucet for a few minutes. If customers experience cloudy water after this procedure is followed, they can report the occurrence to the Water Quality Lab at (717) 291-4818.

Questions? Check our FAQ for answers, or call (717) 291-4818.


Week of April 1

Week of April 8

Week of April 15

Week of April 22