Rehabilitation of Water Mains in Quaker Hills

The City of Lancaster, Bureau of Water is starting a water main rehabilitation project later this month. This project involves the cleaning and structural lining of the water mains in the Quaker Hills development. This work will structurally rehabilitate the existing water mains to prevent the frequent water service interruptions that have occurred since April of this year. We apologize for the inconvenience you have experienced.

This work will be done in 4 phases during 2017 and 2018 at a cost of approximately $2.3 million:

Phase 1A - August and September 2017
Fresh Meadow Drive
Glen Oaks Drive
Green Lane
Saint Regis Lane

Phase 1B - October  and November 2017
Pilgrim Drive
Gable Park Lane
Friends Lane

Phase 2A - May and June 2018
Quaker Hills Road
Allen Drive

Phase 2B - July and August 2018
Blue Ridge Drive
Oak Ridge Drive

Click here to view an interactive map.

As each phase of water mains are taken out of service to allow for relining with the structural pipe, customers will be provided with temporary water service. Customer billing will be estimated based on your previous year's water usage.

You may see City employees in your  area before the rehabilitation work starts doing some necessary prep work. They will be checking your service line and valves to make sure a proper co ection can be made for your temporary water service.

If you have any questions concerning this project, please contact William Spangle at (717) 684-4951 or Benjamin Perwien at (717) 735-0341.

In case of an emergency such as a large amount of water flowing in the street or yard, or if you have no water to your home, please call the City water emergency number at (717) 291-4816.