Public Works to Flush Water Distribution Mains

The City of Lancaster, Department of Public Works, will be performing a thorough flushing of water distribution mains to promote maximum water quality.

Flushing operations will begin at 10:00 p.m., Sunday, April 6, 2014 and continue daily between the hours of 10:00 PM and 6:00 AM until approximately May 30, 2014. Operations will allow for the cleaning of each main at least once during the designated flushing dates. Visit our website, Facebook and Twitter regularly for any schedule updates.

Flushing may cause customers to observe a slight cloudiness in the water and a reduction in water  pressure, but this occurrence should be temporary and can be remedied by running a second floor faucet for a few minutes. If customers experience cloudy water after this procedure is followed,  they may report the occurrenceby calling the Water Quality Lab at 717-291-4818.

Questions? Check our FAQ for answers, or call 717-291-4818.


1910 Haroldson Ave  

1929 Geraldson Dr  

299 Rhoda Dr  

349 Teddy Ave  

319 Richland Dr  

448 Trena Ave  

2043 Bonnie Dr  

501 Dolly Dr  

111 Savo Ave  

71 Delp Rd  

351 Maxson Rd  

2215 Blossom Valley Rd  

2330 Wicklyn Rd  

44 Peach Ln  

81 Peach Ln  

82 Barre Dr  

20 Blossom Hill Dr  

396 Arbor Rd  

124 Northview Dr  

2470 Lititz Pike  

1546 S Jefferson Ct  

813 Lightfoot Dr  

1548 Braxton Dr  

1547 Dunmore Dr  

805 E Jefferson Ct  

309 Woodcrest Dr  

101 Pebbleside Ln  

106 Crosscreek Ln  

115 Pebble Run  

106 Bank Barn Ln  

206 Bank Barn Ln  

404 Little Hl

3 Fiddlers Grn  

1 Upper Grn  

Lower Grn @ Middle Grn

1609 Fiddlewood Dr  

1767 Rockvale Rd  

84 Lamppost Ln  

1764 Pioneer Rd  

89 Apple Blossom Dr  

1712 Pioneer Rd  

117 Chelsea Loop        

19 Kimberly Ct  

25 Baldwin Dr  

22 Eagle Dr  

17 Baldwin Dr  

21 Strawberry Ln  

6 Cranberry Cir  

5 Blueberry Cir