LanCity Connect Update 9/8

1) Last week our crews were installing fiber drops to customers on the 300 and 400 blocks of West Chestnut Street.

2) Our crews also began the preliminary stages of construction in the Southeast neighborhoods.

3) Any customer who receives a post card on their door are able to call customer service to schedule their internal installation (please see link below in conjuncture with this announcement).

4) Any customer who received on their door are encouraged to sign up by the date placed on the door knocker in order to receive a fiber drop before we close Phase 1 of deployment (please see link below in conjuncture with this announcement).

5) Our crews have been busy restoring customer’s services after the damaging storm on Tuesday evening. Our crews are only able to begin to restore services once power lines are secured, trees are removed, and roadways are re-opened. If you are still without service please contact customer service at 844-526-2489 for an update.

6) Phase 1 is quickly coming to an end, if you live in Phase 1 and you have not requested your internal installation please do so immediately so you secure your fiber drop today!

7) On September 6th, 2017, we lost power due to electrical line repairs in the Northwest section of the city. Emergency restoration efforts began immediately and core services were restored within approximately two hours. Our systems were able to continue to operate on backup power during the outage but suffered exhaustion as the outage continued. Unfortunately, the storm and subsequent power outage occurred just a few weeks before the scheduled completion of our long-term, redundant power system. Once complete, our systems will ensure that a long term PPL power failure will not interrupt our core network services.

Don’t forget to tune in next week for the latest news and information relating to LanCity Connect community broadband services. For additional questions or concerns, please contact customer support at (844) 526-2489 or

LanCity Connect Postcard

LanCity Connect Door Hanger