Harrisburg Pike Traffic Signals

Beginning on Tuesday, December 6, contractors for PennDOT will be activating an adaptive signal system on the Harrisburg Pike corridor. This system was installed as part of the Harrisburg Pike resurfacing project earlier this year, and extends from Mulberry Street to the Lancaster General Health Campus at Good Drive. This system is designed to detect traffic patterns and modify timing and phases to promote traffic flow and reduce congestion along this heavily-traveled corridor.

As a result of this system activation, motorists may experience different signal timing and operations that could result in longer waiting delays or phase changes to the signal operations to promote overall traffic flow and reduce any congestion conditions.

Should you have any questions or concerns on the activation of this new system, or experience any unusual non-emergency signal operations that you wish to report, please contact Cindy McCormick in the City of Lancaster Engineering Bureau at (717) 291-4729.