Get to Know Your City Employees: Fredo Pagan

National Public Works Week is May 20 through 26! We appreciate our public works staff every week of the year, but in honor of NPWW, we'll be highlighting five public works employees with a new, "Get to Know Your City Employees." each day this week. First up is Fredo Pagan, whose work touches the lives of all city residents and visitors by ensuring that our parks and other public spaces are well-maintained. Anyone that knows Fredo knows that he is dependable and willing to do any task with a smile! Read on to lear more about Fredo.

Name: Fredo Pagan

What is your position? Labor Supervisor 

But no, really, what does that position do?  My job consists of:
- Maintaining twenty-one parks, which includes mowing grass and removing weeds, removing trash in the parks, pulling weeds and mulching the flower bed areas, shoveling snow when it occurs, maintaining the pavilions throughout the parks, maintaining and cleaning the dog park daily, and setting up for events in the parks. 
- Graffiti removal throughout the city.
- Maintaining 250 trash cans throughout the city, making sure they are emptied out, and repairing or replacing them when needed.  
- Maintaining ​bollards throughout the city and repairing or replacing them when needed.
- Set up and clean up for city events. 
- Maintaining the flags at city buildings. 
- Deliver supplies to all city departments.

How does your job relate to making Lancaster a better, safer, or more equitable community? Well-kept, safe and clean parks and public areas make a difference in Lancaster City.

What are your hobbies outside of work? I’m a baseball and football fan. I enjoy golfing. 

Where do you like to visit in town (restaurants, bars, parks, etc.)? Old San Juan and La Cocina.

Do you have siblings? Kids? Pets? I have three sisters and two brothers. I have four kids and one pet.

What was your job before working for the City of Lancaster? I worked at Skyline Distributors.

What is one thing you wish people knew about your job/what are the most common misconceptions about your job? There is a lot of stop and go and twists and turns throughout the day that make the job challenging. The general public thinks that City workers don’t have much to do.

What is your best, “Lancaster Moment?” I've had many Lancaster moments but one that I can remember is the fireworks at Binns Park.

What’s your favorite song right now? "Wifey," by Next, and, "Let's Get It On," by Marvin Gaye.