Farnum Park Renamed Culliton Park

The City of Lancaster has renamed Farnum Park, located at South Water and Conestoga Streets, Culliton Park in honor of Carol Culliton-Metzger who has kindly supported future improvements in the park through a generous donation from the Gunterberg Charitable Foundation. In the fall of 2018, the park will undergo a transformation, thanks to both the donation from the Gunterberg Charitable Foundation as well as a newly awarded $300,000 grant from the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources. The City of Lancaster would also like to thank Rachel Eck and Jim Shultz from the SoWe Board for their support and hard work to make this a reality. We look forward to working with the neighborhood and the SoWe board over the coming months to finalize the plans for this exciting transformation. 

Photo Credit: PhotOlé Photography - SoWe Facebook Page