City Council Seeking City Treasurer

Lancaster City Council members will appoint a City treasurer to a two-year term, beginning in January. Interested individuals are asked to submit a letter of interest and resume to City Clerk Bernard Harris, at, by 5 p.m., Monday, December 11. Interviews of applicants will be held at a special meeting on Thursday, December 21, beginning at 6 p.m.

The City treasurer position will become vacant next month. Chris Ballentine was elected to become the treasurer in last month’s general election. He was recently appointed to fill a vacancy on City Council and has announced his intention to forego the treasurer position and remain a Council member. City Council members have the authority to select an individual to fill the vacant treasurer position. City voters will elect a treasurer in the next municipal election, in November 2019. The treasurer selected by Council will serve in that capacity until the first Monday in January, 2020, when the next elected treasurer takes office.

The official duties of the City treasurer include serving on the Fire Pension Board, the Police Pension Board and the Board of Trusts & Charities. The Fire and Police Pension boards oversee the management of a combined total of more than $105,000,000 of invested funds. The Board of Trusts & Charities oversees a managed fund of approximately $275,000 and makes decisions on the distribution of funds to charitable organizations.

Each of these boards meet on a quarterly basis. The Board of Trusts & Charities and the Fire Pension Board meet on the 3rd Tuesday of January, April, July and October. The Police Pension Board meets on the 4th Tuesday of January, April, July and October. 

The day-to-day operational duties of the City Treasury are handled by City staff under the direction of the Bureau Chief of Procurement and Collections.  In the City of Lancaster’s organizational structure, the Bureau of Procurement and Collections is within the Department of Administrative Services under the direction of the Business Administrator.

To be considered for the treasurer position, an applicant must be at least 18 years old, have been a resident of the City for at least one year and must qualify for a surety bond. The treasurer is considered a part-time City employee paid an annual salary of $8,500.