Bill Bard - still Changing Gears after all these years

Long-time City resident Bill Bard was born in a house on New Dorwart Street over 90 years ago. He has many fond memories of growing up in the Cabbage Hill neighborhood.

He sent Tracy Beyl, public art manager, the following poem about Changing Gears, the new public art piece in Crystal Park:

Changing Gears Sculpture in Crystal Park
Fine Art to Behold
Accolades, Artist Ulrich Pakker
Crystal, Rodney Parks
Your Dream has come true
Changing Gears is what we do
As we travel life’s highway
Childhood to final Journey
New adventure everyday
Children always high gear
So full of energy, frisky
Their play is a pleasure to see
Then in our middle years
Earn a living, raise a family
Always in overdrive
Best, most productive, all our days
Then as the hourglass empties
We are in low gears
It has been a great Adventure
Most delightful years
When a child, lived a block away
Parks were my retreat
The wading pool, open space
My little friends meet
Thank you for your contribution
Fine Artwork to behold
In the City of Lancaster
Changing Gears, Sculpture Bold
Man does not live by bread alone
All art, music pleases me
Panacea for the soul
Most pleasurable as can be

Poem written by William Cliff Bard, Age 90

We're glad to see that the new piece is making an impact on residents of the past and present alike. Enjoy!