Beware of Fraudulent Utility Workers

The City of Lancaster is urging our water customers to be vigilant for imposters posing as water utility workers that continue to use a scam to rob homes across the US and here in Pennsylvania. The imposters, who usually travel in pairs, gain entry to customer's homes claiming to be from the local water department and then while one imposter takes the residents to the basement to explain a fictitious water problem, the second person robs the house. This issue was recently featured on episodes of Good Morning America and Nightline.

The City's water meter readers are dressed in distinct blue uniforms as shown in the picture above. They have tags on their uniforms that have "City of Lancaster" and their name. The name on their City uniform should match with the city issued picture ID badge that they carry also shown above. They will always be in a white city vehicle as shown in the picture above that has the city logo on it and a vehicle number clearly labeled on the front quarter panel.

If anyone knocks on your door claiming to be from the "water department" or some similar phrase, please protect yourself and your family from this dangerous scam. Ask for their City ID badge and make sure the picture matches both the person carrying it and the name tag on their uniform.

Most importantly, a City employee will never ask to come into your home without first making contact with you and scheduling an appointment.