Area-Wide Disconnection Study

The City of Lancaster, in partnership with Manheim Township, has hired C.S.Davdison, Inc. to prepare a study to assess the feasibility of area-wide disconnection of public stormwater facilities from public sanitary sewer facilities in and around the area known as Grandview Heights. The study area includes portions of Manheim Township, Lancaster City, and Amtrak right-of way, highlighted in pink, yellow, and green, respectively, in Figure 1 below.

Figure 1. Study Area Map (click image to englarge)

Beginning on Friday, August 18, teams from C. S. Davidson, Inc. will be conducting field survey assessments of the survey area shown in Figure 2 below to support the development of the study. Work will begin in Manheim Township and continue into the City. Work is expected to take several weeks to complete. Additional information regarding this work and the feasibility study will be made available to the public upon completion of a draft report.

Figure 2. Survey Area Map (click image to englarge)

For more information about this project, please contact Ruth Hocker at (717)735-0350.